Welcome to Providence Prairie, our farmstead located in scenic rural Southern Illinois.  Within driving distance of
    Chicago, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Paducah, Kentucky; and Evansville, Indiana-- the way to Providence Prairie winds
    down a dusty gravel road past patches of wildflowers, through wooded acres and tilled farmland.  We are carving and
    forming our farmstead from the wooded lots and prairies of our ninety acres, nestled alongside a leg of the historic Old
    Goshen Trail.  Our family has taken a step out of the typical run of the mill lifestyle in lieu of a back to basics way of
    living.  The world looks different from our perspective.  Our homestead is an ongoing process of trials and triumphs in
    pioneer activities, enhanced with technology available today.  Our journey is chronicled throughout our newsletter, the
    Prairie Proclamation, available by subscription.
Providence Prairie
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    Take a step back into a simpler life while perusing the pages of our website and share in our
    struggles and blessings.   Whether you are looking for interesting innovative homestead ideas, wanting to
    purchase registered Nubian goats or Jacob sheep, needing your piano tuned, or desiring to receive private
    music lessons, your journey begins here.

    May God richly bless you.

    The McDaniel Family-
    Mark, Rhonda and children

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I have so enjoyed looking around your
site. It is very impressive. . . I am so hoping
we can arrange to visit Providence Prairie
sometime in the future at one of your
events.  It looks so neat!  Matthew is a
huge animal lover and would really enjoy all
your neat creatures!! . . . Best wishes and
God's blessings to you and your family in
all your endeavors!!!  ~A.S.
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. . . wanted to let you know, the girls came
appreciate your family and what you're willing
to share with us. I know a *tremendous*
amount of work, time, and preparation goes
into all this, and we really really appreciate it
and enjoy it immensely.   
We're also looking forward to hearing what
else you come up with as far as
activities/events planned throughout the year.
we're excited about the new plans and visions
you have for the 2011.                       ~O.S.
Prairie-fest 2016 -   October 21-22
What a great family event!  Loads of fun for all!