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This is BoJangles, or Bo for short.  He came
to live with us recently.  We were taking
down a grain bin south of Providence Prairie
and we found him mostly featherless having
fallen out of the auger.  His siblings were
already dead.  Rachel has taken such good
care of him.  She researched all about
caring for baby starlings and has done a
excellent job thus far.
As you can see, Bo opens his mouth
WIDE to be fed.  He will continue to be
fed by hand for around eight weeks
before he will eat on his own.  He is quite
the responsibility and has travelled to
singing engagements, church functions,
shopping, and several outings with us
due to his frequent feeding schedule.
We are attempting to teach BoJangles to talk.  He repeats
syllables right now, much to our excitement!  He recognizes the
phrase "It's time to eat!"  and chirps a three syllable "pretty
bird."  A few whistles, "God bless the USA," "Mr. BoJangles,
dance," and "hello" round out his educational curriculum for
now.  And yes, they say that starlings really can learn to talk!  
Meet Mr. BoJangles
As he has spent his life with humans, BoJangles is "imprinted"
and thinks he is human as well.  He cannot 'talk' starling talk,
nor does he know how to interact with those of his kind.  While
somewhat sad, Bo knows nothing different and is happy when
he is with his "Family."

BoJangles loves to bathe in the sun.  He spreads his wings
wide and just soaks it in.  As you can see, he finally shed all
of his juvenile feathers and grew an adult set!  He is molting
right now, and is beginning to grow in his "Summer" coat for
the winter.  Starlings that live inside will often change opposite
the weather shift due to the temperature inside.
Bo can fly and loves to come out of his cage to fly around the cabin.  We
just have to be sure that the ceiling fans are turned off!  We hope to build
him a large aviary that will be outside in the near future.  In the meantime,
we will enjoy his presence in our home.  
Mr. Bojangles- January 2008