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January 2010-
17- Trey preaches at Cornerstone Church of Christ

February 10-
14- Trey and Clair McDaniel wedding
26-28- Dale Christian church Revival

March 10-
18- Arthur "Goodboy" Barker funeral
21- Trey preaches at Cornerstone Church of Christ
Ryan and Amanda Cox wedding

April 10-
14- Ethel Rister funeral
25- Service at McLeansboro Healthcare

May 10-

June 10-
6- Providence Prairie's Summer Recital
17- McCoy Memorial Library Story Time- the "Monsters"
Heritage Woods Assisted Living
27- July 3- Music Camp

July 10-
25- Sumner Christian church Centennial Celebration

August 10-
20- Dale Days

September 10-
19- Service at McLeansboro Healthcare

October 10-
17- DCC Homecoming

November 10-
4- Pleasant Ridge Christian church revival
14- Macedonia Methodist
21- Service at McLeansboro Healthcare

December 10-
5- Providence Prairie's Christmas Recital
19- Heritage Woods

January 2009-
24- Earl Prince Funeral

February 09-

March 09-
25- Springerton Christian church Revival
Cuzin Eddie Show WMCL 1060 AM

April 09-
23- Hamilton County Homemaker's Extension
28- Franklin County Homemaker's Extension

May 09-
5- Benton church of the Nazarene

June 09-
8- Providence Prairie Music Recital
13- Killion Wedding
14- Noble Christian church Family Day
17- Edna Carlson Funeral

July 09-
25- Centner/Moye Wedding
30- Edwards County Fair
31- Wickline/Gunnarson Wedding

August 09-
27- Heritage Woods Assisted Living
30- 5th Sunday Rally- Pleasant Ridge Christian church

September 09-

October 09-
11- Bluepoint Freewill Baptist Homecoming- Cisne
11- Gunion Christian church
18- Lancaster church of Christ 167th Anniversary Celebration
23- Dahlgren Baptist church Revival
25- Providence church Harvest Sing-a-thon

November 09-
1- Old Fashioned Days- 1st Freewill Baptist church, Benton
6- New Horizon Christian School
8- Lynchburg church of Christ

December 09-
6- Providence Prairie Christmas Recital
10- McLeansboro Healthcare Christmas party
11- Elton Carlson funeral
13- Benton Kiwanis Christmas Program
17- WMCL Cuzin' Eddie Show
18- DCC Christmas Carolling
Upcoming Singing Engagements
Thank you very so very much for
doing the Christmas Program.  
God bless your family and have a
loving Christmas.

- Maxine
You guys were such a blessing to us on our very
special day.  We loved having you sing at our wedding
and reception.  Thank you so much.  ~JnJG
Thanks so much for being with us
at annual day.  We enjoyed your
songs and presentations.
Thank you so much for putting on the recital, we
enjoyed it greatly.  We really appreciated the time
you have spent with K. (the girls with K.) they both
enjoyed it.  Have a great summer. . .
~K., A., K., & K. D.
I told Mark I thought the recital was
great.  And I will tell you like I told
him, your family is such a blessing.  
When you all sing together it
moves me so!  Thanks for all you
do for the kids, the community and
God's world!