I think of you all often and I
know that I will enjoy getting my
paper again.
Love and all good wishes,
E. R.
Enclosed is a check for a year’s subscription to
“Prairie Proclamation.”  I really enjoy it and find it
very interesting.  I can’t believe you could have
three such great, clever talented children!!  Rhonda
that includes you, too!  . . . I took the last issue of
your booklet to the Ladies Meeting at the church
and the ladies really enjoyed it.  I’m sure they all
read every word of it.
Love to all,
J. B.
Wanted to continue my
copies of Prairie
Proclamation.  L. R. and I
both enjoy it very much.  
I know there was a form
to renew, but
unfortunately, I have put
it in a “safe place.”  I do
that a lot anymore.

With much affection,
We appreciate your
sharing of your life and
experiences with us.  At
our age, we are giving up
some subscriptions to do
other things so we will not

We pray that you will
continue to enjoy your
adventures with the Lord
as your guide.  We have
lived the way you are and
appreciate it.

Sincerely, M.D & D.D
I have an exclamation to
describe your Christmas
letter and the publication
“Prairie Proclamation!”  
WOW!  Sure appreciate it all
and am subscribing.  Great
work- Keep it up!  God Bless
you all!  ~E.C.
Dear McDaniels-
Thank you so much for the
reminder- I sure wouldn’t want to
miss a single copy of what’s going
on at Providence Prairie! – I enjoy
it more and more.  God Bless, K.B.
Hi- I just realized I hadn’t sent the renewal for the
Prairie Proclamation.  Everyone enjoys reading
about your life in Illinois.  How are the animals?  
Any spring Babies? . . . Love, ~J.W.
Dear McDaniels Family,
I always enjoy Prairie Proclamation
so in the future, please feel free to
“bill” me.  I hope this note finds
you all well and happy.  Love to
you all.
Providence Prairie
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Dear McDaniel Family,

What busy folks you are, at Providence Prairie.  It was an
interesting “read” to hear about your four part harmony, a
capella, etc. , the trip to Ohio with your two guests from
church, and the return visit with Evan, who fits your lifestyle
so readily.  Reading about these things made for personal
reminiscence for us, of the times our cousins came for
summer visits, or we went there, to their woods in Indiana for
a share of their way of life (twin aunts and uncles lived side
by side on large acreage with 12 children between them.)
Thank you for the extra complimentary issue of the
McDaniel Family, “Prairie Proclamation” and Godspeed in
your pursuit and development of your chosen, and more
hands-on lifestyle; it’s a reassurance and a blessing to us

E and G
Trader’s Creek at Flickerville
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