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Is there a key that is sticking on your piano?  Has an
ivory fallen off?  There are 9,000 to 14,000 parts in a
piano and around 4,500 of these move.  There are
numerous parts in your piano that can break, tighten
up with the humidity, and dry out with the winter
heat.  Each one of these can cause a key on the
piano to stick, thud, or not even play at all.

From key replacement to action repair to string
replacement, Trey is trained to perform minor and
major repairs on both
upright and grand pianos.  

Trey McDaniel has been thoroughly trained by the
Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, the world's
largest school training piano technicians.

Trey is a competent musician, having played piano for
over twenty years, as well as performing vocal music
and guitar.
Regulating is the process of adjusting
small screws, bushings, shaping
hammers, bending wires, etc.  All these
adjustments put together cause the
piano to play smoother, correctly, and
with an evenness of touch.

*Trey has been trained to perform
regulating procedures on upright and
grand pianos.

*If your piano seems to play worse
than it used to, it may simply be out of
regulation, or if there is just one or two
notes that do not play well, then it may
just need a repair.
Standard Tuning- $80
*A standard tuning includes tightening
plate and rim bolts, tightening piano
bench legs, and tuning the piano to
A-440 standard pitch.

Pitch Raise- $40
*A pitch raise is necessary when the
piano has dropped significantly in
pitch.  When this has happened, the
piano needs raised to the correct pitch
before a standard tuning can be
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