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The following quizzes are taken from archive issues of the
Prairie Proclamation
Quiz #1

1- Before I may be used, I must grow to 30 years old.

2- Vermont produces the largest amount of me.

3- Out of my 100 varieties, only four of my kind may be used for production.

4- I am rich in several minerals and vitamins.

5- You can tap into my resources during the early spring.

6- It takes 30 to 50 gallons of me to make 1 gallon of my concentrated form.

7- Weather plays an important role in my production.

8- My products are being sent all over the world.

9- I am sweet!

10- Mmmmm, what would pancakes taste like without me?
Maple Tree or Maple Sap

Quiz #2

1- I can grow from 1 inch to 11 feet long and live an average life of one year.

2- I have no arms, legs, or eyes and am deaf.

3- Most of my 2700 different kinds of relation were introduced from Europe.

4- I don’t have any teeth, but my mouth is very large and I eat my weight each

5- I have a gizzard that grinds up what I ingest and then “cast” off what I am
through with.

6- My babies are not born; they hatch from a cocoon that is smaller than a grain
of rice.

7- Sunlight will kill me.

8- 90% of leaves that fall from an orchard are dragged into the ground by me.

9- I am a farmer who can turn over the soil like a plow bringing 7-18 tons of soil
to the surface per acre annually.

10- In one acre, there can be more than a million of me, although you don’t see
me unless you turn over a rock.
An earthworm
Quiz #3

1- I am small in stature.

2- I have strong foraging abilities.

3- I am an old, undeveloped breed.

4- I have lived over 350 years in England.

5- Prior to the 20th century, my name was Piebald.

6- Both males and females have horns.

7- My meat is lean and flavorful with little fat.

8- My breeding program is found in Genesis 30.

9- My fleece is black and white.

10- I am known for my horns.
Jacob Sheep
Quiz #4

1- I am a fungus belonging to the family of Ascomycete fungi.

2- I grow in Europe and the United States.

3- I vary from 1/4 to 4 inches in diameter.

4- My tastiest ones come from the Perigord region in south-western France.

5- I have a fleshy interior and a round warty exterior.

6- I am usually found anywhere from 3 to 12 inches below the ground.

7- I grow on or near the roots of trees, usually oaks. ?

8- I am used as a food and for flavoring.

9- I have a strong odor and trained dogs or pigs are often used to locate me.

10- There is a candy using the same name as mine because we look so alike.
A Truffle