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Family of Five Moves to Illinois

Taken from the Prairie Proclamation June 1997
Written by: Trey McDaniel - age 11

A family from Pricetown, Ohio has moved to a vacant piece of property around McLeansboro, Illinois.

They traveled from Ohio clear to Arizona. At Arizona they looked around for an old house in the
country to fix up. They found out that there weren't any houses in the country, and there were hardly any
old houses. They liked Arizona, but they decided it wasn't for them. They traveled on to Texas, and
there were more old houses, but they didn't suit them.

They traveled on to Illinois for a quick stop. They had to leave soon for Christmas with their relatives.
After they went to Ohio, they came back to Illinois. They bought the farm I talked about before. It has
one hundred acres of land on it. They like their farm and say it is a nice piece of property.

The dad is employed at Hamilton Memorial Hospital as the lab director. They go to Dale Christian
church. They like it there. It is a nice church. They are serving God and Jesus there.

This family must be happy with their farm. I bet they will be playing and working a lot on it in this
up-coming year.

Providence Prairie

After purchasing our farm, one of the first items on our agenda was to give it a name. This is a task we have always had a difficult time of
accomplishing. During the six years we lived on the farm in pricetown, we could never come up with a name that suited us. Proverbs 22:1
says a good name is to be more desired than great riches. Realizing that there is a lot in a name, we did not want to limit our focus with a
name that was too specific. For instance, Oak View Farm limits one's thoughts to oaks. Spring Hill narrows your thoughts to springs or hills.
Along with our desire to find a name that described our farm, we also wanted it to flow smoothly from the tongue and look appealing when
written. So our quest for a name continued.

Finally, one day while Amanda was doing her studies, she read to us about Roger Williams and his plight to Rhode Island. He started the
town of Providence because he felt God had guided him there. Webster defines Providence as the care exercised by the Supreme Being
(God) over the universe. We too, like Roger Williams, felt that God had guided us to Hamilton County, Illinois, and specifically our farm.

The second part of the name came naturally. Illinois is the Prairie State, and our farm is made up partly of prairie. Hence, when the two
names are put together, it provided everything we could ask for in a name.

What the future holds for Providence Prairie remains to be seen. There are many plans for the farm which will be revealed as time, money,
and the Lord permits. First and foremost however, Providence Prairie is our home.

Mark D. McDaniel  (Prairie Proclamation- April 1999)
My Canvas

Recently I had the pleasure of conversing with a professional artist. I perused his work, noticing the fine
detail of his drawings depicting hamlets in France where he had studied. The discussion continued with
topics drifting from water colors to book illustrations and how he enjoyed some aspects of art more
than others. His work was impressive, utilizing many different types of canvas material and multiple
styles, allowing the best use of his talents.

Feeling somewhat inferior in the arts category, I related my lack of artistic skills in relation to drawing
and how my mind simply cannot tell my hand the proper thing to do. I continued by stating that my
talents came in the form of building things including our cabin, fences, sheds, and other farm related
items on our one hundred acre homestead. “My, that is quite a large canvas,” he responded. He
seemed impressed and replied that “things such as those were an artwork unto themselves.”

I pondered his response, and a feeling of elation fell over me. Wow, me an artist! I have been
complimented on many things in the past, but never as an artist. I reflected on our original vacant land
and how it was an empty canvas that was waiting for an artist's touch.  What a nice feeling! The cabin,
out house, shed, split rail fence, chicken house, garden fence and pond all became a part of a large life
sized canvas waiting to be filled. Each structure was uniquely placed for the optimal eye appeal and
usefulness, utilizing the resources available to enhance the natural appeal of the surroundings.

As I take a swift look around the homestead, potential brush strokes-- or should I say hammer swings
abound as the artist continues his work. The masterpiece, with its “large canvas” is far from finished
and will involve a significant amount of effort to complete. It is a labor of love, however and one that this
“artist” will take pleasure in working on for several years to come.

Mark McDaniel   (Prairie Proclamation, Volume 10, issue#4)
I think what you
are doing is
wonderful. You
are where my
hubby and I
are trying
to get. ~RF