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Hello:  I just read the new article about
Ann & Ed's visit  to your homestead.  
Thank you so much for the kindness
you showed them.
That was definitely a highlight of their
visit.  They love the country
and you all and your wonderful
Thank you for your hospitality
and dear friendship.

Kay                              Read more here
Thank you for such a nice
time at the farm on Sat.  
We sure had a good time.  
Your family is a dream
come true.  Thank you for
blessing our family.
~T.M. and Family
… just wanted to express how much
fun my family had at your place; they
still can’t keep talking about it.

A. said if she can get around the no-
electricity-for-four-years gig, then she
wants to do what you guys did.   ~G.S.